Advanced version

The advanced version of Philoteam was specially adapted by Axel Gosseries to improve the reflective and deliberative skills of students.

Translated by Trista Selous.

 Game's materials :

- 8-15 seats per group of players

- A pile of cards for each group of players.

- Note-taking materials for 1-3 players/group.

- Blackboard.


Game's rules :

1. Students sit down in circle per group of 8-15 players

2. When everybody sits, the youngest player takes the pile of cards then schuffles them.

3. He/she deals then a card by player by beginning with the player who is in his/her left.

4. Each player reads attentively the card which he/she received. Each has a different role to play.

5. In case of doubt on what they have to do, the players can ask for the opinion of their neighbor.

6. Those who are not satisfied by their role might raise their hand and exchange their cards.

7. Each player tells his/her firstname and announces which role he/she's playing by specifying his/her powers and constraints.

8. The timekeeper starts the 1st stage of the game.


Role cards to print (PDF print options : 2 cards/page ; on both sides)

Download PDF here

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